Project (NEFI TOKEN)

Network of Decentralized Finance

A network platform that connects all users in the world of decentralized finance with the investment specialists who are experts in investing in various forms of Defi to create a community in a form of smart contract. The rapid expansion of the community will arise through the Referral Program, where anyone can become a marketer or referral and enables to grow in the right path together with the NeteFi Platform.

NeteFi acts as an intermediary in connecting various platform in Decentralized finance, such as DEX aggregator, pool funding, and pool farming from around the world in order for fund managers to make profit for users.

Defi - Pool Funding and Social Copy Trading

Pool Funding

Pool Funding are funds from many users that are aggregated in the purposes of investment. Each pool will be professionally managed by fund managers to invest and earn from trading, farming, and lending in the Defi’s world. The system allows user to manage their own risks by choosing to invest with any fund manager from around the world who attracts your preference from their portfolio. Furthermore, users can also communicate directly with fund manager’s community and get updated with the investment status real-time without missing any movement of the funds.

Terminal and Dex Aggregator

Netefi also provides fund managers, master trade and users with the full access of Swap Exchange Trading tools which makes it easier for users to do trading in decentralized exchange world. The trading tools contains several functions to help you in your trading analysis. These includes candle chart, indicators,

Social Copy Trade

Social Copy Trade is a platform that allows user to monitor and to automatically copy the selected professionals’ strategies or master trade from around the world who has an excellent trading result. The trader’s swap exchange position is copied by another user’s account within the decentralized wallet. Therefore, user funds will be securely deposited in their own wallet without any movement of the funds. The copy trading system are enabled users to copy the swap according to the selected masters only.*Every transaction is processed through the Smart Contract therefore; it is extremely secured corresponding to the concept of decentralized funding*

Revenue Share Tokens (RSTs) in the Staking Pool

Netefi network also delivers an income stream to the token holders who place their token in the staking pool. The revenue share rewards to the holder is based on the profits earns from every products collected by the platform. All the profits or fee collected will be shared among the coin holders in the staking pool for sustainable returns along with the growth of the Netefi token.

Referral Program

A referral program is systematic way of getting marketers or any people who interested in earning commissions from encourages other users to join the NeteFi platform. The referrer will receive a commission on fees anytime the new referred users make any transaction on Netefi platform.

  • A referrer can get rewarded up to 30% commission for every friends you refer to our Pool Funding and Social Copy Trade programs. The profit-sharing fee will be calculated according to the basis set by certain fund manager or master.
  • A referrer of sway exchanges will earn commissions from trading fees of all users under their referral links around the world from 10 up to 50% of the total fees charged by Netefi Platform.
  • A referrer of Farm LP and Shareholder Pool will receive a profit share of 5% made by their invited users.
NEFI Token Max supply
100,000,000 NEFI
Ecosystem 45%
( Holder vote to using )
Team 15%
(6 months locked and distribute 5%/Month = 20 Month)
Pre-sale 12%
Marketing, Operational expense 8%
(2 months locked and distribute 5%/Month = 20 Month)
IMO 7.5%
Add Liquidity ( Public Sale ) 7%
Private sale 4.5%
(1 month locked After Public Sale)
Airdrop 1%
(1 month locked After Public Sale)


Feb – June
  • Pool Funding Dev
  • Referral Program Dev
  • Create Website
July - August
  • Promote website
  • Airdrop
  • Community
  • Fair Launch NEFI Token
  • Pool Funding challenge (Fund Manager Performance)
  • ROpen service for investor
  • Pool Farming
  • Pool Staking ( Revenue share for NEFI Holder )
  • Referral Program
  • Audit
  • Add Farming strategy in Pool Funding
  • Terminal Best rate swap Exchange
  • Wallet to Wallet copy Trading
  • Mobile Application in Play Store and Apple Store
  • List $NEFI in CEX Exchange
  • Multi Level Referral Program
  • P2P partner
  • Cross chain

Timeline on July - August

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